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Creative Your Own Syllogism! Now that you’ve read all about syllogisms…create a valid, sound syllogism – topic of your choice – and post as your discussion. Remember syllogism form (major premise, minor premise, conclusion): Here is an example of a valid and sound syllogism: Major premise: Students in Dr. soso English 120 class must write a syllogism. Minor premise: Marjolay Ann is in Dr. soso English 120 class. Conclusion: Therefore, Marjolay Ann must write a syllogism. CAUTION: Be careful not to create a logic error in your syllogism! Remember that the syllogism must be valid and sound! Here is an example of an illogical syllogism: “All horses like apples / People like apples / Therefore, people are horses.” This is a valid syllogism because if follows syllogism form (major premise, minor premise, conclusion), but it is, obviously, not sound (not true) – people are not horses! Again, this can be on any topic that you choose, but it must make logical sense (be both valid and sound) and be in syllogism form. For this post, the 200-word minimum does not apply!

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