discussion post 663

For this assignment, For your initial post, choose any two of the following prompts to discuss:

  • Discuss an example of an exceptional use of celebrity endorsement in social media. Summarize the endorsement and explain what made the endorsement so exceptional.
  • Discuss an example of a celebrity endorsement in social media gone terribly wrong. Briefly explain how and why these endorsements went terribly wrong.
  • Discuss the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of celebrity endorsements in social media; give examples of effective and ineffective endorsements.
  • Discuss the positive and negative impact of social media on news organizations, both large and small. Provide examples of organizations that use social media for local, national, or global news and events. Provide insight on its usefulness, advantages, and disadvantages.
  • Select two celebrities who use social media and discuss how they use the platform for personal and professional advancement.
  • Compare traditional news consumption (newspapers, news broadcast) to social media news consumption. List three to four pros and cons of each method, and provide examples when possible.
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