discussion post and question and answers

1) Read Chapter 28 mini-case study. The case is about BSC and its efforts to implement an ERM function. From reading the case study what are the quick wins that you see? And what are the issues that will pose a challenge in creating BSC ERM program? How would you tackle the challenges?

2) Read Chapter 29 mini-case study. This case is about Akawini Copper and United Minerals and it brings up many important concepts with ERM, such as due diligence and its role in an acquisition of an organization. How would you approach the acquisition? What changes would you implement first in the transformation process?


Provide a minimum of 3 references & Proper APA Format (References & Citations)/No plagiarism.

3) Read Chapter 33 (Challenges and Obstacles of ERM implementation in Poland) of the text, at the end of the case study there are three questions. Answer each questions, support your answers with current peer-reviewed research articles.

  • List and describe the challenges of Implementation ERM in Poland.
  • The quality of risk management depends on many criteria. Discuss criteria that can be used.
  • What were the main drivers for ERM implementation in Poland?

Requirements: Proper APA Format & No plagiarism.

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