discussion question 1410

Discuss the notion that criminal behavior is just as rational as noncriminal behavior.Why are rational choice and routine activities theories broadly considered conservative?Give examples of some routine activities that practically invite crime.

Discussion Board 2-2 (see Chapter 7):

Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi claim that parents are to blame for an individual’s lack of self-control.Are there some children who are simply more difficult to socialize than others?Are they, rather than their parents, at fault for their lack of self-control?Compare differential association theory with control theory in terms of their respective assumptions about human nature.Which assumption makes more sense to you?

Instructions: You are responsible for both parts (1 & 2) of the discussion board. Your responses for each section must be a minimum of 450 words. In addition, your responses should be paraphrased. Do not quote your textbook. This assignment will be posted for one calendar week. Failure to meet the assignment requirements will result in zero points. This discussion question is worth a total of 6% of your overall course grade.

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