Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

Research PaperA term paper on a topic within the domain Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations that are of interest to you. This paper will give you the opportunity to explore a specific issue in greater detail. The research paper will be completed by investigating the literature and including the components of research listed below that will center around creating and answering your own research question using the literature or existing data. The paper is to be 10 pages (minimum) and completed in the 7th Edition of the APA writing style guide.The paper can be in the following format (use these major section titles and your own topic subtitles) :Abstract (On a separate sheet after the title page-It summarizes your paper like an executive summary, so write it last)Introduction -a brief introduction, explaining the issue/problem being researched and describes the purpose of the paper.Research Questions-Lists the research questions to be explored, states the significance of the paper, that is, its importance to organizations and/or the extent to which it will further knowledge in the field. What are the questions you hope to answer in this paper? What do you seek a solution to?Literature Review -summary and integration of current literature or practices in the areaMethod- your conceptual model, description of the research processFindings/Discussion -Applying the data found in the Literature Review, answering the Research Questions, suggesting proven research-based strategies to address the identified issue/problemConclusion- Describing the implications of the paper for industry and/or future researchReferences – Your sources must be in the correct APA style. Use peer-reviewed journal articles and books. No more than 3 may be from the readings in the text. You must have 15 (minimum) references.Along with the research paper I will need these documents also….Research Assignment 1-Research Paper Topic/Description:  A  ½ page description of the topic of the paper and the technique you plan to use to accomplish writing your paper/doing your research.Research Assignment 2- Research Paper Outline –  Submit an outline of major points in the paper, and your preliminary reference list (at least 7).Research Assignment 3- Research Paper Rough Draft: – Submit a complete 10 page completed rough draft.Research Assignment 4- Research Paper Final Draft: – Submit the completed research paper.

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