Diversity Case Study and Analysis

Diversity affects the culture of the classroom, the teacher’s instructional design, and the lesson planning process. A respect for diversity should be evident in the classroom through curricular materials and discussion, as well as instructional decisions that honor students’ diverse needs.Use the “Class Profile” to complete the assignment.Part I: Case Study AnalysisSelecttwostudents from the “Class Profile.” Write a 150-250 word case study analysis for each student focused on your specific content area.Include the following:Brief description of student’s specific learning needsLearning goal for student (“Student will be able to…”), aligned to specific standard (include standard and code)Activity and strategies to support stated learning goalAssessment that would support student attainment of the learning goal, and the feedback it would provide the studentPart II: RationaleIn addition, write a 500-750 word rationale for your pedagogical decisions, answering the following:How would you incorporate multiple perspectives in the discussion of content, including attention to students’ personal, family, and community experiences and cultural norms to promote the student success?How has your planning been informed and affected by what you have learned about learning theory, human development, cultural diversity, and individual differences?What are some of your personal biases related to these students or opportunities for growth that require examination in order for you to become an effective teacher, specifically by promoting ethical practice, building stronger relationships with students and parents, and creating more relevant learning experiences for all students?Support your ideas with 3-5 scholarly resources.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

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