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  • Provide an overview of your industry and why it is relevant to ensuring data regulation and compliance is in place? (1 page)
  • Who are the industry disruptors and how are they disrupting the industry (1/2 page)?
  • What are the specific data standards and types of data that this industry is concerned about? (1 page)
  • When reviewing policy statements on the industry segment Websites and/or mobile applications you were assigned, what are common themes you found? (2 pages)
  • Identify and discuss any internal and external organizational threats in the industry assigned? (1 page)
  • Address any recent significant events in the news that may impact the regulatory, legal, or compliance landscape in the immediate or near future for the industry or like-kind industries (i.e. social media may impact entertainment etc.)? (1 page)
  • Discuss ways in which the government and/or companies are putting controls in place to protect people and/or their organizations (1 page)
  • Provide your recommendation on how to better handle information and data regulation compliance in the industry you just reviewed? (1 page)
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