electronic health record ehr protected health information phi

Healthcare is among the few industries that constantly generates gigantic volume of data on a daily basis.

The major part of these data is the Personal Health Information (PHI), which include the patient name,

social security number, address, phone number, and their medical history. As such, many organizations

including marketers, insurance companies, and data brokers are constantly hunting for these “sweet” data.


Given the current trend of the massive flow of data and the sensitivity of the Personal Health Information (PHI),

discuss the various strategies of achieving data privacy in Healthcare Industry.

Discussion Requirements:

Introduction – explain the current trend of massive flow of data all over the places, especially on the Internet.

Explain the Personal Health Information or Electronic Health Records in relation to data privacy

Discuss the various ways in which the Health records might be compromised.

What are the various risks associate with the breaching of individual privacy?

Discuss the various the strategies of achieving data privacy in Healthcare Industry.

Discuss the roles of HIPAA and HITHEC in achieving healthcare data privacy.

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