eng1100 revising this narrative essay

ENG1100 Composition 1 SUO1

South University Online

My Experience in Mansura Louisiana

Neal Jones

Instructor: Jennifer Chagala


I was born in Mansura, Louisiana. My father moved to Dallas, Texas after he married my mother. My sister and I were born in Dallas. As a child however, we would often visit Mansura during spring break. I enjoyed it very much because the area in which we played was great since my grandparents owned the land. A hundred acres of land is a lot of land to run around and play. This meant that my sister and I were able to run around the whole place with our cousins. My grandparents owned the whole block; therefore, we did not encounter any big problems, except for normal kid stuff of playing and having fun. We were all kin to one another. In addition, Mansura is a small town with very friendly people, and everyone knew everyone. There were no prejudices shown anywhere. No one never had to worry about their children when they were playing outside.

During our visits in Mansura, there was plenty of food no matter whose house we visited. My Grandparent’s Louisiana home had a crawfish pond, a bayou, a lake, a volleyball net, go carts, and hunting areas. This meant that we could have crawfish and fish daily. The extended family in Louisiana was very warm and welcoming, and they showered us with so much love to a point where we never wanted to leave. My cousins were especially thrilled every time we would visit, and we would hang out together all day and would get very little sleep at night, until it was time for us to return to Dallas. Therefore, Louisiana is a big part of my life, especially because our extended family is closely-knit regardless of where each family member lives. Now that we are grown, I have cousins from Louisiana who moved to Dallas and we get to see each other more often. We however do not see each other much because everyone works.

Today I am fifty-one years old, and every time I visit Louisiana it’s like nothing has changed except for the passing of our grandparents and some of my cousins that I grew up with.

Most of the traditions and sense of community carries on. I still like visiting our Louisiana home because it is usually a good break from the big city. There, one does not have to worry about getting into trouble and it is easy to ask for help when needed. There is also less crime and rarely do incidences of people being shot come up. This is unlike Dallas where all types of crime go on. In Mansura, one does not have to lock their doors at night because they neither have to worry about people breaking in their house nor people walking into your home uninvited.

If I had a choice, when raising my family, I would have moved back to Mansura. Just as I did when I was young, today my grandchildren love going to Louisiana in the summer because they can take a break from the city life and get to be children by running around the fields. My dream is to one day move back to Mansura and spend the rest of my days there. I would love to put a trailer home on my parent’s land. This will be nice because I will be able to take my grandchildren there every summer and spring break. In addition to visiting our home in Louisiana, I want my grandchildren to also learn their roots and more about their family that stays there.

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