engagement assingment

****ALL WORK MUST BE DONE IN EXCEL LINK https://troy.instructure.com/courses/48660/files/3…***

1. Go to www.cars.com

2. Using the dropdown menus/ enter in:

a. Choose “Used Cars”

b. Chosse your assigned car model (bar of car)

c. Choose your assigned model of car (type)

d. Choose “250 miles from”

e. Enger in your assigned zip code

3. Find at least ten cars that meet your criteria (*choose no more that two from the same year).

4. Record the YEAR, MILEAGE, and PRICE in your Excel worksheet.

5. Take screen shots of each car and paste them in your Excel spreadsheet where indicated.

6. Create a scatter plot of YEAR vs PRICE in your Excel worksheet where indicated.

a. Label the scatter plot (title, x-axis, y-axis)

b. Add a trend line

7. Repeat step 56 for MILEAGE vs PRICE and YEAR vs MILEAGE

8. Using Excel, calculate the correlation coefficients for (place them in worksheets provided for each variable set in your Excel file):




9. Explain your work in the text boxes provided for each variable set.

GRADING RUBRIC:https://troy.instructure.com/courses/48660/files/3…

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