engl 1302 reading response questions

Please compose a 200-word response in which you address two of the following question sets. (As a note, please identify by number the question set you are answering. Additionally, if you should reproduce the question in your response, the question text will not contribute to the required word count.) Upload your response as a Word or PDF file.

1. Be specific in arguing that Mama is more sympathetic to Maggie than to Dee. Is Mama hostile to Dee? What values are involved in the tension between Mama and Dee and Maggie?

2. Although many students seem to prefer Maggie to Dee, most would probably rather be Dee than Maggie. Is this true for you? Why?

3. Do you think Walker is against “getting back to one’s roots”? Does she give a balanced characterization of Maggie? Of Dee? How might she portray Dee if she wanted to be more positive about her? Less positive?

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