engl 1302 visual analysis prompt

MLA style

4 ads to choose from attached

Visual Analysis (400-600 words)

Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to practice your ability to analyze—to break down and examine—the rhetorical techniques of an advertisement and present your analysis in a clear, specific closed-form essay.

Assignment: Choose an advertisement from the Week 2 Folder and compose an essay that both describes the ads and analyzes the rhetorical strategies the company is using to sell their products to their audiences. Remember that your analysis should be organized around a thesis that makes a clear, specific claim about the ad. What is the ad trying to get its audience to think and feel? Why and How? Please underline your thesis.

To help form an arguable, interesting thesis, ask problematic questions about…

purpose and audience: Who is the intended audience for each ad? How do you know? What values does each audience hold?

use of type, layout, color, and image: What effects might these elements have on the ad’s audience? What’s the relationship between the images and the text?

the appeal to logos, the logic of the ad: Does the ad make sense? Does it have to?

the appeal to ethos and the credibility of the advertiser: Does the ad seem professional? Is it relatable? Is there a celebrity endorsement that might add credibility, for example?

the appeal to pathos or emotion: Does the ad try to evoke certain emotions or reinforce certain values? Why?

the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the ad: Is it persuasive? Why or why not?

the advertiser’s cultural perspectives: How does each ad reflect the culture or society that produced it? Does the ad include any popular culture references?

the angle of vision: Is there anything conspicuously absent from the ad? Why?

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