engl270l military literature discussion post week 4 and week 5 1

Answer the below questions in approximately 200-300 words as separate answers:

Discussion Questions for Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five (pp. 109-215)

1. Why are the last words of the novel “Poo-tee-weet”? What statement is Vonnegut making by closing his text this way

2. In the first chapter one character tells the narrator that when he hears someone is writing an anti-war book, he asks, “[w]hy don’t you write an anti-glacier book instead?” (3). Clearly, the narrator is warning that it may be impossible to write anything against war. After having finished the novel, is it an anti-war book? Why or why not? Support your answer with solid answers from the text.

MLA Format and the only reference needed is below:

  • Vonnegut, K. (1968). Slaughterhouse-Five. New York: 1968. Dell.
    (Print ISBN: 9780440180296)
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