essay about magical realism

last Essay is an Annotated Bibliography

this Essay is the Documented essay–the first topic must have the simple title Magical Realism

The object of the paper is to explain what Magical Realism is, when it was, who practices the genre . . .a brief history so to speak. (There is a Full Page Description of the topic and expectations in Module 5 or 6.

There is one more topic that takes the title

The Characterization of the Misfit in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

Both need a minimum of three sources, all quoted at least once in the paper, using the MLA format, parenthetical references, etc. This topic too has a full page explanation of the expectations. Neither of these would have to be a long paper, perhaps only about three to five pages. Any questions, please email me.

The BEST IDEA is to pick your topic BEFORE doing the Annotated Bibliography, so then you can use the same sources for the paper on the Bib.

If you do Magical Realism, use the source

Bruce Holland Rogers “What Is Magical Realism, Anyway?”

also do not use a source unless there is an Author–this way you know exactly what to put in the format for (parenthetical references) and how to list the item on a Works Cited page .

Documented Essay Assignment and Topic

We are ready to begin working on our research essay although it is not due for another week or more. We will all use the same topic, a simple one that is focused on explaining Magical Realism, what it is, where it came from, and some of its practitioners. I suggest that you start with simple research about what Magical Realism is, how it came about, the great authors of Magical Realism, and finally how it manifests itself today, that is to say, in what genres.

As you prepare this essay please beware that you must include and quote three to five outside sources, use the MLA format, and in the process of the paper explain what magical realism is, how it developed, some of the great authors and works, and its international scope today. If you have any questions, please email me immediately.

We are doing the same topic for a variety of reasons, the first being, I do not want something purchased from a cheating site like Course Hero. When our software reveals that you have done that, you are no longer a member of this class. You will receive an unconditional and final F in the class, no discussion, no appeal.

I made the topic very simple, so if you have never written a documented essay, you will still have no trouble. You can use as few as three sources, as I say above, and we have been working the whole term on the format, except we now will deploy several quotations and certainly a works cited page.

We are starting in Module 6 so that you may begin to gather some sources to quote, begin an Annotated Bibliography, and get started–with plenty of time to ask all the questions you want to ask.

Why don’t you start with the article “What Is Magical Realism, Really,” a very good place to start, and you can certainly use the article as one of your three–or five sources if you use that many.

I will give you an alternative topic, directly related to the paper we did for characterization, but this one requiring the three to five sources and works cited. Please read about that option below if you are interested. I will warn you in advance that the paper will be somewhat more challenging in that your research will be a great deal more focused. You make your own choice.

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