essay with 5 pages

Assignment #19 – Big Paper – Due Aug 4th

This is it, ladies and gents. The Big Kahuna. The Whole Enchilada. The One You’ve Been Dreading. The Major Paper! *que ominous music*

It’s pretty simple, to be honest, so don’t freak out. Thus far you’ve been handing in short 2-3 page reader response papers. Think of this as an expanded one.

For the major paper all you need to do is pick a story, poem or play (from anywhere) and write me a 5-6 page analysis of it. Not a summary. I must stress that. Don’t spend 5 pages retelling me “The Tell Tale Heart” and end with “as you can she this stuff is spooky.” Analysis. What’s the author trying to say? How do they do it using all the concepts we’ve covered? Does the time frame play into how the story was constructed? The author’s life? Etc….. Take thsi wherever you want to go.

Pull it apart and tell me what its all there for.

That said, this paper will also require 4 outside sources and a bibliography. MLA format please. If you need help with it easy bib works as does Purdue’s Owl. That said, remember outside sources are there to help offer clarity. The primary text should be where most of the heavy lifting is done. Use that to back your points.

You’ve got till the beginning of August for this bad boy. Text me if you have any questions.

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