evaluate the principles of change management staffing and leadership within the planning of human resources in a healthcare facility

It is important to understand the important requirements of the Affordable Care Act and how this important act will impact healthcare in this country. Imagine yourself as a hospital administrator preparing a dynamic plan of action of how you will explain to all stakeholder groups both inside and outside the hospital (employees and patients) about the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and how your hospital will mobilize everyone to achieve the best possible results to be in compliance with the act and try to achieve the best results possible for the community, patients, and employees in the process. You will address all invited stakeholders from inside the hospital and citizens and groups in the community in a large meeting at the hospital where you will present your plan in a PowerPoint Presentation at the meeting. Your plan will be to WOW! them with your great plan and convince them to make your hospital their first hospital of choice.

Part 1: In the first part of your plan you need to study change management theories, techniques and leadership styles needed to successfully undertake a change initiative. Describe some ideas you would like to use to help make the communication and deployment of the plan a success. You will evaluate the staffing levels, productivity, and human resources needs and provide feedback to staff regarding how any new requirements will affect their work in the hospital. You will need to explain the kind of initial and on-going training programs you will provide them to help with the transition.

Part 2: In this part of your plan you will explain how you will market to all stakeholders your dynamic plan of action. Explain how your hospital will be especially able to meet the needs of the community better than all competitors to understand their rights and benefits regarding the Affordable Care Act. You will describe how that response will provide them with new and exciting benefits for their health and the public health of the community in general.


For this week’s Assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation explaining your hospital’s dynamic plan of action in response to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Consider your audience (who are you targeting, who will be in the audience) while you create this plan and presentation. Think about what would catch your eye as a customer when putting this together. You can create this presentation in PowerPoint form. Your grade will be based upon how effective your PowerPoint presentation is at addressing the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, how the Hospital and all internal stakeholders will respond, and how that response helps the employees, patients and the community. Consider how you will catch their attention, the quality of the information you provide them, and the overall look of the PowerPoint presentation.


The PowerPoint presentation should have at least 10 slides and include at least 3 references with a references section slide at the end of the presentation. The presentation should use the notes section of the PowerPoint to provide extra details on the slides and elaborate more on your points. The presentation should include visual images or charts and graphs to help communicate your information. Make sure the Slides have Extensive Notes to be briefed!!!!

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