evolution of performance management

Discussion: Evolution of Performance Management

The idea of performance management within organizations started back in the 1960s and began with the idea of appraising the performance of employees within an organization. Since then, performance management has continued to evolve into an overall process that gives attention to the entire range of performance and improvement strategies within an organization. It also includes managing behaviors and targeted activities, and then works to align organizational processes and activities to the goals of the organization.

Reflect on your previous work experience where you have seen a performance management program employed. How were performance appraisals used within the organization? Where else could you see elements of the performance management program being employed?


Post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

Explain performance management and the roles it plays within an organization. Describe a performance appraisal process and assess the importance of performance appraisals in an effective performance management program. Can an organization obtain long-term success without the existence of a well-defined program for performance management? Justify your responses with references to the literature.


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