explain at least three 3 essential responsibilities of a command center operator

  • Explain at least three (3) essential responsibilities of a command center operator?
    • Each responsibility should have a minimum of two (2) paragraphs with DIFFERENT citation.
  • There are five main types of glass, list all five types and write at least one complete paragraph on each with Different in-text citations supporting your work.
  • According to this week’s reading assignments,

“The Chula Vista, California, police department undertook an extensive study of the factors that attracted burglars to specific homes, as well as those protective devices that were most effective at preventing burglaries. Researchers and sworn police staff interviewed more than 300 victims and suspects, conducted more than 100 street-view environmental assessments, and reviewed over 1,000 incident reports of burglaries committed against single-family homes.”

  • Please list and explain three (3) of the findings from this study and write at least two (2) complete paragraphs with DIFFERENT in-text citations on each discovery.
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