final essay 83

Final Essay Prompt

Our course has been challenging, in that it has asked you to undertake the task of improving your critical reading and writing skills in only a few weeks. While this is a very short amount of time in the grand scheme of your education, I believe that it will be beneficial to complete an end-of the-semester reflection about what you’ve learned and your progress toward becoming better writers.

The final will ask you to compose a 500-750 word assessment considering some of the following questions:

• How have you seen yourself grow as a writer over the past weeks?

• What have you learned about your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?

• What have concepts or ideas from our course have been most useful as you work to improve your writing?

• What do you think you have done well this semester? What would you like to improve on in subsequent classes?

• How will the skills you’ve learned in class help you to become more engaged at you job or in your community?

This essay should be thesis driven, employ a clear organizational structure, and provide specific, detailed language to demonstrate the significance of your main ideas. Don’t forget about the PIE structure we’ve talked about in class.

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