final paper 300

For the final paper, students will receive a case scenario in the week(s) prior to the Final Paper. Students will then have approximately one week to respond to the case scenario with the required points of focus outlined below in a minimum of 10 (maximum 20) double spaced pages in APA style; page limitations due not include Abstract or reference pages.

1.A robust description (APA format) of what are the key social, ethical, medical and psychological issues presenting in case scenario and directly correlated to what assessment tools would you as a psychologist use or recommend be used at this intercept of youth involvement in juvenile justice (in detention)

2.A brief description of what assessment tools may be considered in future intercepts of juvenile justice involvement for this youth dependent on case result (i.e. in community vs. if sentenced to youth corrections, etc.).

3.A brief description of what interventions, programs and services would be recommended for youth 4.A critical evaluation of the ethical issues any psychologist may face given requested evaluation (at time of detention)

5.Reflection on how the existing literature might be applied in practice (i.e., the clinical implications of the existing literature for child and adolescent forensic evaluations)

Case Scenario: You are an external consulting police psychologist. You have a contract with a few local law enforcement agencies as a provider of services (psychologist/therapist) to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits. Specifically you see officers who either have maxed out their internal department EAP benefits or do not wish to be seen by internal EAP provider. You were referred by local law enforcement agency’s EAP Director an officer who requested EAP services but specifically requested external, in other words, not in-house EAP. Officer was granted 6 sessions with you. In sessions 1-3 you develop rapport, gain trust, and quickly diagnosis PTSD pursuant from officer’s combat time in recent war – re-trigged again after being promoted to detective – new job increases exposure to reading documents & reviewing homicides, etc – officer is excited about promotion but now dealing with shame & regret based on PTSD symptoms with are impacting sleep, inter-personal relationships (especially with his wife and children) and focus at work. In session #4 officers discloses suicidal thoughts which in your assessment is clinically driven by lack of sleep and increasing anxiety symptoms – for the first time officer is open to seeking psychiatrist/medication for symptom management – however, you are not convinced that officer is safe to leave your office as his SI is strong, ever-present, and plan includes weapon. When you begin to review limits of confidentially and offer option of brief hospitalization or psychiatric treatment – officer becomes irate, wishes to terminate therapeutic alliance and attempts to leave the office.

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