find 1 peer reviewed study on any women s health related topic summarize the study in your own words

Write a summary of the article in 500 words, minimum

  • 12 point font Times New Roman
  • Double spaced.
  • Name, class, and class day/time top right corner
  • 1 peer-reviewed study accessed via the Pierce library database.
    • Go to the homepage
    • Click on the Library link at the left of the page
    • Click on Databases A-Z
    • Click the dropdown box at the top left of the page and select Health (or another subject such as Psychology if that’s your topic).
    • Choose a database (use the tips that you learned at our library workshop. Academic Search Complete is a good one to use).
    • Enter search keyword(s) related to your topic. (Use the library’s website subject guide for search techniques to help you: (Links to an external site.))
    • Check the boxes for “Linked Full Text” and “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” (very important!)
    • Click Search
    • Choose an article or repeat your search until you find an article that you understand and interests you
    • Click on PDF Full text to access the full text of the article
    • READ IT (the whole thing) and look up any terms that you don’t understand in the dictionary (or (Links to an external site.))
    • Write your summary!
  • Paper should include a bibliography page with the 1 source citation in MLA or APA format.
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