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QUESTION 1Differentiate between distributive and integrative power.List, define, and provide examples of the RICE power currencies in interpersonal relationships.What does it mean to say that “power is relational”? Provide specific examples to support you explanation.  Your response to the questions below should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 300-350 words in length.Question 2Describe RICE currencies and provide examples in the case study. How can these currencies affect power imbalances and perceptions of power in conflict?Refer to the Unit 4 Case Study  which is attach below  “Finding Your Voice.” Explain the how the relational view of power applies to this conflict. Explain how the orientation to power and attitudes toward power applies to the conflict in case study.Question 3200- 300 wordsThe Role of DocumentationYou are currently working as a tutor in a third-grade classroom in a private school working with Emma, who is behind grade level in reading.Choose a type of documentation from the Chapter 5 reading that might be useful to use with Emma: photos/videos, daily diaries/records, stories about children, developmental checklists, or reports.Why did you choose this documentation?What more would you like to know about Emma?What other documentation would you like to do with Emma and why?

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