germany and british for this order 1

I need to write two 4-5 pages essay for Ger’man’y Econ and British Econ(Target contry). Actually this is a 20+ pages paper. For this order, I hope you finish the fourth part(4-5 pages), I gonna looking for long-term corporation if you did well:

August 11 Industrial 1750-1914

There are two books are required to read and one is recommended to read. I will post part of A Concise Economic History of the World here. So it may help you to do your work (Also, I will post the first part of this long paper, and you can see my professor’s commens)“Explicit use of economic theories, models, and data” is the most importantI will post the requirement and rubric here. Notice: Body of paper supports central thesis; brings to bear appropriate and persuasive evidence. Conceptual sophistication and engagement with topic; recognition of limitations and counterarguments; thoughtfulness; originality of ideas; appropriate number of pages. Explicit use of economic theories, models, and data.

Required Text: A Concise Economic History of the World by Rondo Cameron and Larry Neal Oxford
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