grant proposal preparation

Please my research is on the William T Grant Foundation. Please make sure you seperate both the discussion and assignment. They should be on a separate paper.

Discussion: Grant Proposal Preparation

When planning for a grant proposal, similar approaches are used. You identified potential funding sourcesThis week you bring it all together and take a deeper dive into what you need to do to prepare for submitting a grant application.

You have examined most of the elements required below, so far. One area that has not been discussed yet is budget. A well-crafted and accurate budget can add greatly to a funder’s understanding of your project. RFP guidelines may differ in format and complexity, but, in general, all will include a breakdown of the estimated costs that will be required to meet the project objectives. The budget flows from the problem statement, objectives, and evaluation plan and must reflect all costs associated with those components.

Grant applicants should always include a budget narrative in their proposal, unless the RFP specifically says not to do so. The budget narrative adds explanatory detail to the budget and is also referred to as a budget justification. The budget is a core component of the proposal, linking planning to action.


Begin by writing a brief paragraph explaining the changes you made as a result of your Instructor’s feedback and why you made them.

In this second draft, complete the full scope of requirements for the PAS Prospectus. The PAS Prospectus must include these elements:

  • Identification of the client organization and background
  • Problem statement
  • Purpose
  • Nature of the study
  • Research questions
  • Conceptual framework
  • Envisioned data sources
  • Plan for data acquisition
  • Envisioned timeline for completion
  • Significance of the study

The PAS Prospectus is a preliminary document that serves as the foundation for the proposal document for the PAS. It is a relatively short document and should not exceed approximately 10 pages of text, excluding appendices and references.

Required Readings

Locke, L. F., Spirduso, W. W., Silverman, S. J. (2014).
Proposals that work: A guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

  • Chapter 9, “Money for Research: How to Ask for Help” (pp. 157–196)
  • Chapter 10, “Preparation of the Grant Proposal” (pp. 197–224)
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