health and medicine 12


The essay is about ethical dilemma the topic you will be writing about MEDICAL FUTILITY the paper should defend your point of view about medical futility and address opposing and different viewpoints . you will also include ethical principals in this paper such as autonomy , beneficence , fidelity , justice , veracity , and non maleficence and how they relate to medical futility . also include in this paper the relevant ethical principles from the code of ethics for nurses 2001. include in the paper the concerned parties in the ethical/legal situation are clear , the pros and cons of possible alternatives to medical futility are clear and stated in ethical terms . And you MUST be clear on how you would resolve the dilemma and support your choice with justification . The paper should contain five well written pages Also identify the arguments of those who offer a different view or perspective. also cite sources for your information on a separate piece of paper using apa format

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