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In this unit, you will provide your research paper topic for your final project, which will be due in Unit VII. The Unit IV Assignment should be two pages in length and contain the main topic and subtopics for the research project. Along with your research paper topic, you will also need to submit three references in APA format that you intend to use for your Unit VII Final Project.

For the final project due in Unit VII, you will be expected to fully elaborate on the components listed below; however, for this unit’s assignment, you are only expected to briefly touch on each of the concepts below.

Identify a piece of critical infrastructure. Examples would be a nuclear plant (e.g., Hanford Nuclear Facility), a utility system (e.g., Tacoma Public Utilities), or a critical network, to name a few.
Examine and identify threats (natural, technological, and man-made disasters) that could impact critical infrastructure. Develop a threat assessment for the critical infrastructure, discuss what strategies you would implement for safer facilities and networks, and identify types of training and exercises needed for employees at the critical infrastructure. Identify any recommendations to improve or change homeland security regulations that could improve the overall safety of critical infrastructure protection.

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