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Flow: Topic 3

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*This Discussion Board should be composed after you have finished the book.

In his chapter “Work as flow,” Csikszentmihalyi writes, “People who learn to enjoy their work, who do not waste their free time, end up feeling that their lives as a whole have become much more worthwhile” (163).

Apply this idea to your own job or even to school. Consider Pink’s book Drive, and Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, as well. How much of a role does intrinsic motivation play in all of this? What about our habit loops?

Flow: Topic 4

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*This Discussion Board topic should be composed after you are finished with the book

Re-read the last pages of the book starting from the first full paragraph on page 238: “These days we occasionally still meet people…” and then answer these questions:

1) What is the author suggesting about faith and religion and why is he bringing this up at all?

2) What’s his reasoning in your opinion? I mean, why end on this note?

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