his 10b week 3 mexican american women on the wwii

Response Paper 2 Prompt

Elizabeth Escobedo states in her book From Coveralls to Zoot Suits: The Lives of Mexican American Women on the World War II Home Front:

“This study investigates the multiple meanings of World War II for women of Mexican descent, capturing, in particular, the range of Mexican American women’s wartime identities—and their reception—in the urban environment…. women of Mexican descent navigated complex and at times overlapping identities that in the World War II era garnered acceptance in some circles and rejection in others.” (Escobedo, 2)

In your response consider Escobedo’s quote and the larger arguments she is making in her book about the lives of Mexican American women during World War II. Select one or two historical figures from her book and discuss how they shaped their identities, what pressures they were reacting to, and the receptions they, specifically, faced.

Your response may include direct quotes but short quotations (one sentence long) or paraphrasing are preferred. Use parenthetical citations (Escobedo, pg#). 12-point, Times New Roman or similar font, 1” margins, ~3 pages. You must upload your response to canvas by 9 am on July 10th. No Late Submission.

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