history freedom using the book

The Final Examination Assignment remains unchanged. The Final Examination will consist of one comprehensive essay in response to a question about the theme of Freedom in US History since 1865. The Exam will be available from 6am through 11:59pm on Monday, July 8.

you will be required to state a clear argument in response to the question and to support that argument with an abundance of concrete examples drawn from our course materials. I will expect you to cite your sources.

Here are the instructions that will accompany the exam:

“Please answer ONE of the following questions in the form of a well-constructed essay. Your essay should begin with ONE clear introductory paragraph including a strong thesis statement that directly answers the question; a body of at least FIVE supporting paragraphs in which you develop many concrete examples that directly cite course material; and a conclusion that summarizes your argument. Be sure to answer the whole question.

Note, while there is no required number of concrete examples or sources, those essays that demonstrate mastery of the main themes of the course by using many examplesdrawn from a range of different course materials will be evaluated more highly.

The book we use call Give me Liberty For Eric Foner fifth edition.

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