homework question 35

Why is it important to think about the research approach you plan on using for your papers? Most students just default to what they have always done. But what they have always done is typically only one of many different approaches. Does the approach a person takes to research affect the conclusions? Does the type of research question drive the approach to research? Please take a position and defend it.

As always, you need your main posting plus at least two interactive postings with other students. Don’t forget to be thoughtful, fact-packed and well-reasoned. Steer clear of postings that say, “I agree with you” or simply restate what someone else has said. Add value!


Student responses: please refer to the student by name as if I was writing it

Student#1 Benny

It is vital to think about the approaches being used when conducting research, because the information collect will influence the outcome of the paper. Before conducting research, a research approach should be used for the collection of information. Since research is done on an individual basis, only the person conducting the research can identify the approach they will use. The two research approaches most common to research are quantitative and qualitative.

The quantitative approach generally involves reaching conclusions by analyzing numerical data through descriptive, sampling, inferential statistics (Trochim, 2006). This approach is easy to understand and explain but conducting research by using this method can be complex. With the quantitative approach vast amount of information are used to determine an unbiased conclusion. Since various dynamics can distort statistics, without enough data to obtain an unbiased conclusion it can be a waste of time. Because this approach is based on observation, an interpretation of the information analyze is form based on what is seen. According to this week reading; research through the qualitative approach is accomplished mainly through ethnographic research, critical/ethical inquiry, historical research, and document analysis.

When someone has decided that their research will provide data that is qualitative in nature, the next step is to choose the right qualitative approach for their research. The qualitative approach takes into account the purpose of the research conducted, role of the researcher, the stages of research, the method of data analysis and how the results will be presented (Trochim, 2006). Some of the common approaches within this research are ethnography, phenomenology, field research and grounded theory. I conduct research without understanding the differences between both approaches due to lack of knowledge. The current research question will be helpful in determining the right approach when conducting research. By limiting ourselves to one form of approach can affect the outcome, so being open-minded to different approaches will be beneficial when gathering information.

I think the research question do drive the approach to research. Once we understand the types of approaches, the next step is to identify the type of approach that is most suitable for a particular research question. With understanding from the readings, having the right tool for the right job is an asset. In that, using the right approach can ensure the reliability of the research. Also, it provide the flexibility in switching from one approach to the other for better results.


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Student#2 Alexandra

Good morning class,

This week we read about different types of research approaches. The two categories are quantitative and qualitative. When it comes time to make a conclusion, the quantitative approach tends to focus on the amount of occurcances or statistical analysis that occur. Whereas the qualitative approach shifts the focus away from numbers and statistics to more human interactions and observations when coming up with a conclusion. Different research subjects require different approaches to find said conclusion. It is up to the author to break out of their norm and use the right approach to the subject he or she is writing about.

The approach a person decides to take when conducting research can affect the conclusion. For example: when it comes to the qualitative research approach, I believe the interpretation one has while observing has an affect on the research conclusions. If two different people are observing the same subject it is possible that they can come up with two totally different conclusions based on their interpretation. Whereas in the quantitative approach, if members are basing the conclusion off of statistical numbers as outcomes, the conclusions will most like be the same.

The type of research question is the deciding factor on which research approach to conduct. For example, my question: which social media platforms are used when recruiting terrorists to perform terror acts on his/her home country? Will drive a qualitative research approach. This question does not ask for numbers by saying which is most popular? It is more of an ethical and critical question, asking which networks are being used based off of their communication, behaviors, and beliefs being posted. If the research question was: which social media network is the most popular platform terrorist organizations to recruit members, I would use the quantitative approach and focus more on the statistics of social media, popularity, and which networks had the highest number of usage before home grown terrorists performed or attempted to perform their acts.


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