hooking the reader with an engaging opener essay

  • Post a response of at least 150-200 words by the end of Day 3.
  • Post directly to the discussion; do not attach a document. If you have composed your remarks in Microsoft Word, you can use the copy and paste function to include your work within the thread.
  • Make sure you check spelling, grammar, and mechanics.
  • Use APA style for citations. Please revisit Week 1 Lesson: Avoiding Plagiarism with APA-Style Citations if you need to review the proper citation styles.
  • For your response, post your revised introduction to your narrative essay. It should include an engaging opening.

This was my Narrative Essay: Please revise .

Narrative Essay

“Do not blink,” those words crossed my mind as I stood beside uncle Marv’s metallic hospital bed, the same words that my grandpa told me when he was ninety years old. He was probably referring to the speed at which life goes by, like a blink of an eye, a statement that vividly portrayed itself as I looked at uncle Marv’s fading body. His last dying wishes were, “tell Cindy that I love her,” and at that moment, it dawned on me that loving someone is a gift that never ends, even after death.

Cindy was his wife of 40 years. The reason why uncle Marv said to tell aunt Cindy that he loved her was because aunt Cindy was living on the 6th floor, in the nursing home, due to having Alzheimer’s disease, and has not recognized who uncle Marv for a long time.

Uncle Marv was still madly in love with aunt Cindy, uncle Marv kept blaming himself for not being able to visit aunt Cindy more often due to his illness. As a result, he became more depressed and shielded himself from the world and seemed to just give up on taking care of himself correctly.

As time passed with aunt Cindy, she could not recognize her children, her grandchildren, her appetite decreased and she refused to eat, she could not dress herself anymore. I visited aunt Cindy several times and it became clearer each time that I visited, that she was a shell of her former self, her beautiful smile was no longer there, the sparkle in her eyes was forever gone.

As I stood there leaning against the wall with tears flowing down my cheeks, watching the nurses trying to make uncle Marv as comfortable as possible, his last words crossed my mind., and remembering that aunt Cindy was on the 6th floor in her final stage of life with Alzheimer’s disease.I finally understood why grandpa was afraid of blinking, one moment you are celebrating and the next you are being celebrated. Uncle Marv taught me a lesson on the importance of love, before life blinks.

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