how do you edit a technical writing paper

This paper to be edited will be on a one hundred and twelve year old company.

What is the challenge or opportunity and why is it important to you?

AS the CEO of the hypothetical new /Insurance company

Specific goal or outcome , is it clear> Concise? Actionable?


a) who is your target audience? What are the professional positions of the audience members?

b) What demographic characteristics will the audience compose? What is your relationship?

a) What is your target audience? older people> college students? general population

What are the professional position of the audience members?

What demographic characteristics will the audience compose.?

What is relationship to the audience?

What is your relationship to the audience?

What background knowledge and expertise does the audience have?

What does the audience know , feel about, and expect concerning this communication? What preconceptions or biases do you possess that might prevent you from building rapport with your audience?

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