how stories travel over time twelfth night shakespeare vs she s the man 2006

This is for a world culture class

1700 – 2000 word essay

How stories travel over time.

The purpose of this essay is to examine how individual stories travel over time.

Select three scenes from Twelfth Night (Shakespeare).Examine the same scenes from a 20th or 21st century adaptation (She’s the Man) .Compare and contrast with the objective of discovering how and WHY the story has changed.

You must write about exact specific scenes from the movie and play and include the youtube links of the clips you choose so the teacher can watch, along with including and referring exact scenes in the play with proper and direct citations. This can not be general.

There should be three body paragraphs, each paragraph referring to a scene in the play and its parallel in the film.

so three youtube links as well as cited scenes

example of clip/scene:

you must discuss clips like these


You Must Consider:

the differences or similarities between of that specific scene in the play vs the movie.

what the characters look like and how they act vs how they act in the play vs the movie

how the plot changes if it does at all.

talk about the mood and if the director or camera seeks to change anything compared to the original stage direction on the play. Music or color. Etc. what do these elements seek to change or enhance.

Does it stay true the plot?

Does it stay true to the script and characters

Where do the stories deviate?

Example of paragraph topic Shakespear setting = Viola and her brother shipwrecked vs She’s the man= viola’s brother goes to London for a band gig. what’s the purpose of this.

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