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In the medical field the physicians have a lot to uphold, basically they are handed people lives each day to take care of or save. Physicians and nurses have a lot to juggle on a daily basis as the patients are concerned. Physicians are looked at as not capable of making mistakes. As physicians are holding someone life in their hand there are times when a physician judgement can be off or if he/she makes a mistake. But rarely do physicians purposely make mistakes. I have not been in a situation where a misdiagnosis was done and a case has come up but I can imagine how the cases are handled. There are cases where family disagrees with how physicians approach the care of their love one. If a love one dies and the family think it is because of the care of the physician then that family would more than like attempt to sue that physician or hospital. As previously stated it’s hard to get physicians to testify against other physicians. There are expert witnesses or expert testimony people that are willing to testify against the physician. In the reading, The Law of Healthcare Administration, it states, “Expert witnesses are used to help the jury answer these questions and to opine about whether the physician has met the standard of care (Showalter 2017 pg. 142).” Expert witnesses are not cheap as they can charge for their services. I believe that expert witnesses are unnecessary when the cases that involve negligence from both sides. In cases where family members are un for sure of how their love one passed but last person to give care was a physician and now the family is going after the physician with no concrete proof that physician is at fault. But expert testimony people will tell a convincing story to help resolve the case.

Reference: Showalter, J. S. (2017). The law of healthcare administration (8th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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