hr issues and strategy

For the final paper, you will be required to prepare a written analysis to an organizational problem case that is provided below. You will be expected to analyze an employment practice and make a recommendation. Your recommendation must be supported with at least five scholarly references. The paper should be no longer than 8 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font with 1-inch margins. You may add a cover page and pages for graphs, charts, tables, figures and references.

Prepare an analysis and recommendations paper based on the following case:

(1) Many of the top leaders on the verge of retirement

(2) Many of the mid-level managers are aggressively pursuing other employment alternatives

(3) Most of the recent new hires either don’t pass a probationary period or leave within a few months of employment. Managers have been complaining about the selection process.

(4) Employees are evaluated annually, but not all managers complete the process and some assign inflated ratings.

You are the newly appointed HR Manager and must develop some programs, solutions, or interventions to address these issues. Ideally, there should be integration among the various problems. As such, you do not need to address EACH item, point-by-point. The better papers are ones that address the problem from a strategic human resources perspective. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DESCRIBE A COMPANY.

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