human trafficking assignment modern day slavery cultural religious and societal norms ects

1. What makes modern-day slavery distinct from the African Slave Trade of the 1700s and

1800s? Provide at least three differences.

2. How do cultural, religious, and societal norms in countries help or hinder sexual slavery? Provide at least two specific examples to bolster your argument.

3. Explain the common signs that can help identify a victim of human trafficking. Provide at least two examples.

A person who’s been trafficked likely lived a life with compounding vulnerabilities like: trauma, abuse, neglect, disability, violence, family breakdown, homelessness, poverty, or a combination of many factors.


Feel free to consult and cite textbooks, websites and any other forms of medium in preparing this work. Assignment should be at least 2 pages.

Whenever you directly quote from or paraphrase you must indicate the citation and

page number.

-Your references should be written in APA style. This includes the in-text citations as well as the references on a separate page.

Please make sure the assignment meets:

Mechanics: Assignment is typed or word processed and double spaced,Please use APA style for citation. This includes the in-text citations as well as the references on a separate page.

Content: Focus on the topic assigned (Did it fully answer the question(s). Explain ideas or opinion stated. Provide logical explanations and/or use specific excerpts from the text to support arguments or answers. Reach logical, supportable conclusions and add a reference page for all your sources.

Format: The correct length Free of typos and spelling errors (punctuation, quotation marks) Free of bad sentence structure syntax (Grammar, complete and logical paragraphs). Properly formatted (font, margins, references, etc.)

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