human trafficking paper 1


Choose one country and research, analyze and describe either one:

1) contemporary forms of human trafficking (sex trafficking, child trafficking);

2) forced labor;

3) or human smuggling.

Use the APA citation style, including the in-text citation.

Your standard paper/project should include:

– title, name, introduction, the reason for choosing the countries, body – discussion and research, conclusion

discussion about where this type of trafficking occurs, who are the victims, how are they victimized, who are the perpetrators

support your analysis by providing evidence and information regarding any NGO (Non-Government Organization) activity in relation to combat human trafficking, forced labor or human smuggling. Is the local government of the particular country or area playing an active role in combating these issues?

provide your suggestions that you think might improve the situation in that country or area

how large is this problem worldwide? What laws, treaties or international agreements exist to combat this issue? Why aren’t they successful or why they are successful?

– What are the most important points in the book we have covered? What have you learned during the course?

You must have at least five (5) pages. (Double-space, font: Times new roman/12)

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