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Application of the Expectation-Performance Process

Read pages 78-88 in your textbook and consider the relationship between maturation and sports. Also, reflect on how coaches form expectations and how these expectations affect their behavior.

Now, imagine that you have been appointed director of a soccer program for children ages 6-16.

The previous director of this program used an ability tracking system. At each age level, children were assigned, based on a tryout system, into one of three ability-differential teams:

  • A high-level competitive travel-oriented team comprised of the best athletes at that age level
  • A moderate-level competitive team that competes at the local or regional level
  • A low-level competitive team that was open to all those who tried out and is primarily instructional in nature

Based on your reading, any additional research, and your opinion, determine if you would use the former director’s placement of athletes. Would you continue this practice of ability tracking for these age groups? Support your decision using your research. Should your decision on this issue be different for various age groups?

Remember to cite your source(s) using APA style

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