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According to me, the government ought to agree to the demands of terrorist immunity, as the most primary job of the government is to secure the general population of the nation. Terrorists, in turn, may be captured again however the fate of the general population lies in the hands of the government and in this manner it is ethical for the government to agree to grant terrorist immunity if they release hostages though they may have mystery intentions of capturing the terrorists once again. Though paying the ransom and agreeing to immunity may be unethical to some from their viewpoint, this may help in leaving the hostages alive and unharmed like in Europe. The Americans and the British hostages have anyway faced awful outcomes of being murdered by the terrorists because they would not pay the ransom and disagreed to the demands of terrorists. It is the government’s moral responsibility to save the lives of its innocent citizens that are in the hands of these terrorists, and though politically and ethically off-base, the government must respect the demands of the terrorists to save their kin by granting terrorist immunity as well (Mason, 2017).

Should the government release the hostages without any negotiation?

When the government plans to release the hostages in exchange for the terrorists, there must be some form of negotiations. Negotiations help to kill the great amount of time and also put some amount of weight on the terrorists regarding tracking them, taking retaliations and also putting them under some amount of psychological weight. After the September 9/11 attack, it was a stated arrangement that proclaimed that not negotiating and not communicating with the terrorists was desirable and consequently this has also prevented various nations including America to not negotiate with the terrorists and no concessions as well. Though there are various ways in which terrorists can be talked to and persuaded, this is not wanted by most f the nations after certain incidents took place. There still appears to be perplexity whether negotiations should take place or not in case of hostage situations but rather negotiations would help in buying additional time and gathering information in a dangerous situation (Lansing, 1921)

Would it be advisable for them to deny immunity as this would encourage more terrorists to pursue the same idea?

Immunity is an extraordinary situation which ought to be considered by the government in the last stage. It has to be exercised with great care and precaution. Immunity relies upon the quantity of individuals who are held, hostages. Immunity should, be that as it may, not be considered as a normal pioneer as It ought to appropriately be discussed and judged. The government, then again, would need to take exceptionally stern action when the terrorists are captured with minimal time of the strategy to finish all the legalities to punish them with exemplary decisions. Immunity must, be that as it may, be considered to convince the terrorists to release the hostages in exchange (Pearson et al., 2015).

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