implementing lean operations at caesars casinos case

Focus on

  1. What are the most important elements of the process-improvement approach pursued at Tunica? What benefits were derived from this approach?
  2. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of adopting an expert-driven approach to process improvement at the Metropolis faciltiy, in contrast to the employee-centered approach used at Tunica? Which approach would you recommend for Metropolis, and why?
  3. Assume Hirsch has decided to follow a high-involvement approach similar to the one he led at Tunica. What challenges and risks do you anticipate Hirsh will face in moving forward at Metropolis, and how should he be prepared to respond?
  4. Assume service scores for the area you manage, Harrah’s Metropolis hotel housekeeping, have declined over the past year. As part of the LEAN rollout at Metropolis, you and some of your front-fine employees will participate in a kaizen event focused on improving guest-room housekeeping operations. What KPIs (key performance indicators) would you propose to track to determine whether the changes implemented through the kaizen effort actually improve performance?
  5. Hirsch has been given 20 minutes at an upcoming meeting to pitch his idea for a process-improvement program to the rest of the Metropolis leadership team. What should he do before he gives the pitch? How should Hirsch organize this pitch and what information should he include?

APA style

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