in this assignment you will create a presentation using powerpoint or another online presentation tool

In this Assignment, you will create a presentation using PowerPoint® or another online presentation tool.

To: Technology Advisor

From: Community Relations Department

Re: “Bridge the Gap” Community Outreach

Welcome! We in the CRD are responsible for maintaining relations in the community.

We are planning to hold several free sessions designed to introduce those in the community to technology.

We would like you to make the first presentation.


For this Assignment, please create a presentation for our “Bridge the Gap” community outreach program using PowerPoint or another online presentation tool.

Please provide a presentation that addresses the following topics. Each topic should be on a separate slide. You may use more than one slide for a topic if necessary.

  1. Binary language
  2. Byte comparisons (byte, KB, MB, etc.).
  3. Types of computers
  4. Input devices
  5. Output devices
  6. Motherboard
  7. Memory (RAM)
  8. Processors
  9. Storage
  10. Computer ports
  11. Ergonomics

Your presentation must have the following:

  • An appropriate theme
  • A professional appearance

Each topic should have the following:

  • At least one picture appropriate to the topic
  • At least one resource other than the book
  • An easy-to-read font (no script or calligraphy)
  • At least one paragraph in the “Notes” section. (See image below.)
    • All information should be in your own words.

Your properly formatted presentation should look like this. (You may choose whatever design, font, and images you feel are appropriate.)

Image of presentation slide with notes section included

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