induction assignment


The chapter on induction examines the processes of induction by examining how we learn. Most of what we know is through induction, but we must be able to recognize valid inductive reason from invalid inductive reasoning. Valid inductive reasoning requires that the sample we base our conclusion on must be known, sufficient, and representative. I like to illustrate “Occam’s Razor” with the following illustration:

Thesis: Shakespeare is the author of the Bible. Consider the following facts: Shakespeare was born in 1565 and died in 1616. He was 46 years old. It is a well known fact that Shakespeare was a regular visitor to both Oxford and Cambridge Universities during the time scholars at both universities were engaged in translating the Greek and Latin vulgates and compiling their work into what is now known as the King James Version of the Bible. It is also well known that Shakespeare had a unique ability to be somewhat prophetic as is illustrated in his last play “The Tempest.” Many scholars see Prospero as being somewhat autobiographical (i.e. an old magician who is losing his magic, much in the same way Shakespeare felt he was losing his ability to write, etc.). At any rate it can be proven that it was actually Shakespeare that wrote the Bible by going to the book of “Psalms” (the book of the poet and Shakespeare is, many times referred to as the poet) chapter 46 (Shakespeare’s age at death) and count in 46 words and find the word “shake.” Then go to the end of the same chapter and count back 46 words and find the word “spear.” Thus you have the signature of the Bible’s author. The King James version of the Bible was published in 1611, the same time Shakespeare wrote his last Play.

Your assignment will be to watch a new episode. After you watch the episode copy the transcript into a document and highlight the sections that speak to induction, using a color in the highlighter tool in word. Analyze the new episode for the use of induction which requires that the sample we base our conclusion on must be known, sufficient, and representative (provide these as attachments, the attached highlighted transcripts are worth half of the points). After making such an examination, write a 300 word analysis of each article explaining your examination and conclusion. *No citations necessary at this point.

you can find the episode here(you don’t have to watch the whole video just take look the transcript then highlight it and analy)

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