information technology 170


I have an assignment and really important. see list 1,2,3, the firs list is already have three topics and I post them here, but you need to follow the instructor. for the second list the new topic which is driverless vehicles. please just make them be very clear and carefully. make sure you did the reference well.

1- For the Final Assignment, you will select three distinct topics from your concepts templates to write about in the final assignment. Your three topics will address past and present implications of your topic. An example is Uber, what are some concerns of Uber in 2019, and how did the past (taxis) have an effect on Uber’s creation or challenges or did some type of improvement or evolution occur with the advent of Uber compared to the past?

2- The second portion of your paper will surround driverless vehicles. Expand this discussion to include the infrastructure necessary for driverless vehicles and any ethical or moral considerations? How would driverless school buses or garbage trucks work, or driverless fire trucks or ambulances?

3- This final assignment requires research, therefore integrate in-text citations and references (research) into the topics and discussions. The minimum requirement for content is three pages with a maximum of five pages of content. Content is the body of your paper: the title page, abstract, and reference section are required, but are not considered the body of a paper.

It already have three topics before when you did them which are:

Concept 1. Cyber security refers to the protection data and information from access by unauthorized personal (Von Solms, & Van Niekerk, 2013). It guarantees communication privacy and enables people to conduct business and share information smoothly. It reduces risks associated with hacking and eavesdropping hence ensuring privacy sensitive data.Reference 1. Von Solms, R., & Van Niekerk, J. (2013). From information security to cyber security. computers & security, 38, 97-102.

Concept 2. Software development is the process of designing application that meets requirements specified by the software owner. It enables the development of software that makes it easy to manage different operations within an organization (Gill, 2006). It reduces human labor in organizations by automating different operations hence leading to increased accuracy and returns in different organization. Reference 2: Gill, N. S. (2006). Importance of software component characterization for better software reusability. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, 31(1), 1-3.

Concept 3. System administration refers to the managing computer systems. It guarantees security by ensuring that only people with legal permission can access organization network. A system administration also guarantees smooth operations within an organization by troubleshooting all problem associated with computer and network failure. According to Mann, Sitarman, Deng, & Thomas, (2003) system administration enables the management of network from a remote location hence making the administration process more efficient. Reference 3. Mann, J. F., Sitaraman, A., Deng, M., & Thomas, L. A. (2003). U.S. Patent No. 6,654,801. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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