it s an essay about anthropology

Choose one of the options below:

1. Using the kinship diagram and symbol system introduced in class and in the readings, construct a four-generation genealogy of somebody unrelated to you as kin. It could be a classmate, friend, or neighbour. In addition to the genealogical connections identify also the kinship terminology in use and the meanings attributed to specific kinds of kin relationships. Discuss the position of your subject within that genealogy. Discuss what kind of information genealogy research yields and why it is of significance to anthropology.

2. Describe and compare the economic systems of two hunter-gatherer societies.

3. Describe and compare the political organization of two tribal societies.

4. Describe and compare witchcraft in two contemporary societies.

5. Describe and compare the cultural and political aspects of national language policy of two contemporary multilingual nation-states.

6. Provide an anthropological analysis of the official racial classification systems of Canada,The United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

7. Drawing on key concepts from linguistic anthropology discuss the language of hip-hop/rap in a non-English speaking nation of your choice.

Format: Use a common 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double spacing, title page (include your name, student number, course title and code, instructor’s name, word count, AND title of essay).

Textbook Information:Robert H. Lavenda and Emily A. Schultz. 2019.Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology, Seventh Edition. New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press.ISBN 9780100924751.

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