its my homework question

  1. In two to three solid paragraphs, explain why the Shi’a split off from the Sunnis. What events led up to the split? What are the differences between them? Elaborate on these in your well-crafted paragraphs.Specifics:
    1. Two to three solid paragraphs with a word count of at least 175 but no more than 300. Use your word processor to check before submitting and include the total on your submission.
    2. Use only your book as source. Because you are only using your book, there is no need for a works cited page. Any improperly sourced submissions will be treated as incomplete.
    3. Write in complete, error free sentences. Please send me a draft if you have concerns or questions. Proofread!!!!!
    4. Submissions are to be submitted via the assignment in Blackboard. You may either attach a Word (.doc, .docx) file or an Adobe file (.pdf), or you may type in the “Write Submission” area. Do not write in the “Comment” field. Submissions written in the comment field will be treated as incomplete.
    5. This assignment will be graded using the general rubric.
    6. Submissions will be analyzed using SafeAssign, an antiplagiarism software.

    This homework assignment contributes to the following learning outcomes:Attitudes3. take personal responsibility for learning. 4. develop a sense of appreciation for multiculturalism. Skills1. read, write and speak critically and effectively about religious issues. 2. work maturely with diverse and conflicting religious views. 3. identify the presuppositions of religious doctrines. 5. develop a critical and appreciative awareness of religious ideas and practices.6. engage in first hand experiential investigations of living manifestations of these religions such as worship services or mediation sessions. Knowledge/Content1. identify the basic ideas, practices and institutions of five or more different religions 4. read and discuss with comprehension some of the basic scriptures of these religions. 5. investigate major themes and events in the history and contemporary life of these religions. 8. analyze similarities and differences between religions and within the varieties within each religion studied.

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