jrn3360 broadcast news 1

Broadcast News Writing

Writing Assignment #8

Summer 2019

Worth 50 points

You are the 6pm nightly news producer of a television station in Troy, AL. THIS IS NOT TROJAN VISION NEWS! You are charged to stack tonight’s newscast in order of importance. Your news staff has shot and edited 10 news stories today (see the stories below). However, you have an extremely aggressive sales department that has oversold this newscast. You will only be able to use seven of the stories listed below for tonight’s newscast at 6:00.

Your assignment is to tell me (on a typed sheet of paper) with which story (it can only be one) that you plan to lead the newscast…with which story (it can only be one) that you plan to end the newscast (the kicker story)…and which three stories you plan to eliminate. You must explain why you are leading with that particular story…why you are using that particular story for your kicker…and why you are eliminating the three stories. In addition, you must stack the rest of the newscast and tell me why you are using this particular story as number 2, number 3, etc. When writing which stories you wish to lead with, kick with, and eliminate, do not say, “I am leading with Story #4.” You must tell me the description of the story. Also, when writing why you are eliminating these stories, you may not say, “This story is not newsworthy.”

Below are the stories. These are not factual stories:

  1. A Troy elementary school student is hurt while falling off his bicycle, riding to school. His injuries are not severe. (You have video of boy and his scraped knee and an interview with a woman who helped the kid).
  1. Former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions comes home to Alabama (after resigning his post per President Trump’s request) to start a law firm in Troy. (You have an interview with Sessions and video of the new law firm office).
  1. An elderly Troy woman is crushed to death when a storm rips through town causing a huge tree to fall onto the woman. (You have video of the tree and an interview with the woman’s daughter).
  1. A Brundidge, Alabama police officer is charged with murder after allegedly stabbing a man to death when the man refused to sell the cop his two tickets to the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament (You have video of cop being taken to jail and an interview with police chief).
  2. Next week is Pet Adoption Week in Troy. (You have video of dogs/cats at the local animal shelter and an interview with man who wants to adopt a puppy).
  3. The Papa John’s pizza store in Troy is looking for a delivery person for the summer season. (You have video of the Papa John’s store and an interview with the store manager).
  4. Police arrest a man for holding up a local convenience store. (The man stole $750 but was apprehended by cops after the man tried to flee on foot. Cops recovered most of the money). (You have video of cops arresting the man and an interview with the store clerk).
  1. A small, private plane crashes in Troy, Alabama, killing all six people on board, including Governor Kay Ivey. (You have video of wrecked plane and an interview with a witness to the crash).
  1. A Troy high school student makes a perfect score on the ACT college preparatory test and announces he has been accepted and plans to attend Harvard University. (You have video of the student in class and interviews with him and his principal).
  1. The city of Troy announces plans to open an Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, and Crack Barrel restaurants in a vacant lot near Walmart. (You have interview with the mayor and video of the location and of architectural blueprints)

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