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The discussion requires a minimum of 250 words. Two scholarly sources, including the textbook. Make sure that you use APA style with your references.

Week 1 we talked about a crisis experienced. Week 2 we talked about the warning signs and were they identified and/or ignored. Week 3 we talked about ‘Individual safety versus Process Safety’. We wrote our first training plan for the crisis we experienced. Now week 4 we start to refine our plan even further by communications. Question: What department(s) or people will be responsible for activating the plan should a crisis arise? What will be your chain of command? How will all of the players be involved (Human Resource, Legal, Security, First Responders, etc.)? Sometimes organizations hold meetings with Police and Fire to talk about their plans in case a crisis does arise and these outside agencies are prepared to help deal with the crisis. I am looking forward to your thoughts here.

1,250 word count and there is a total of 5 questions each (not including in-text citation and references as the word count), a minimum of three scholarly sources are required in APA format. For the three scholarly sources, one from the textbook that’s posted below and the other two from an outside source . Let’s be sure to write it in own work 100% and give appropriately when using someone’s else work.

After the Crisis – Organizational Learning
Case Study: Mini- Case – Stage Collapse at the Indiana State Fair

1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case.

2. Update the information in the case by researching it on the Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case.

3. Who should have been the final decision-maker regarding the concert? Why?

4. Discuss why team learning is as important as individual learning in crisis management situations. What is meant by the idea of building resilience through redundancy?

Case Analysis


Assume you are an official in charge at a similar event. What steps would you take to promote organizational learning in the wake of the Indiana State Fair crisis?

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