kindly write a 6 page abstract on mental health topic target group autism following the guidelines and rubric below

  1. General Information 10% (organization and presentation)
  1. In this paper the student will demonstrate his/her ability to correlate mental health concepts into his/her nursing practice.
  1. This report is to be a scholarly paper. Points may be deducted for errors in grammar, punctuation, typing and spelling as well as lack of documentation of sources. Non-scholarly papers will be returned.
  1. A minimum of two resources is required. (CDC, Healthy People 2020, Institute of Medicine& Surgeon General Reports)
  1. Documentation must follow the appropriate style and format as indicated in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). (see sample in SAKAI)
  1. The paper should range from 6-7 typewritten pages.
  1. Specific Information (90%)
  1. Identify the target group
    1. Conduct a literature review
    2. Specify risk factors
  1. Identify the most important mental health issues for this target population
  1. Interview health care team members to assess appropriateness of content and determine priorities.
  1. Identify the goals of the teaching activity.
  1. Determine specific plans such as timing of program, length, intervention modes to be used, evaluation/feedback tools and responsibility for specific content.
  1. Design a method to evaluate the impact of your teaching project. Evaluation methods may include written feedback, verbal feedback and/or pre-post test.


Paper Organization and Presentation (10 points)

APA Style: Format guidelines followed; Abstract, References cited appropriately and adequately

Compositional Syntax and Level of Discourse: Ideas presented in an organized, logical, and cohesive manner; Level of discourse exhibits scholarly dialogue; at least 6-7 pages

Target Group Learning Needs Assessment (33 points)

Literature Review: Identifies and discusses physical and mental health problems and risk factors for target group; Includes current CDC epidemiology data; Target group learning needs are prioritized (2-3 pages)

Mental Health Issues: Identifies the most important mental health issues and content for this target population and discusses the information from the interviews.

Staff and Participant Input: Involves learner, members of healthcare, and/ or educational team as sources of information; Input acquired and reported

Resources: Organizational and informational resources available locally, regionally, and nationally for the target group are reportedGrammar, Punctuation, Spelling: Requires minimal to no correction

References: At least 2 scholarly (professional/ academic journal) references cited

Teaching Activity Plan (33 points)

Purpose: Purpose and overall goal of teaching activity clearly stated (1-3 sentences)

Learning Outcomes: Meaningful, clear, and realistic learner-centered outcomes identified for applicable cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning (3-4 bulleted outcomes)

Content: Teaching content outlined; Not overly broad or too narrow in scope of coverage; Guided by and relevant to the learning outcomes

Plan and Strategies: Describes how teaching plan and strategy is tailored to participants’ physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs; Correlates with learning outcomes; Setting/ Environment described; Time estimated/ allotted for teaching of outcomes stated; Instructional resources and materials to be used are identified and supported with collaborative input and/ or literature evidence; Anticipated teaching obstacles are addressed and contingency plans formulated; Applies professional and consumer needs input

Teaching Activity Evaluation (24 points)

Evaluation Method and/ or Tool: Designed and administered to evaluate effectiveness of teaching activity; Evaluation strategy is appropriate for learning outcomes; Rationale for chosen method discussed and supported; Example of written tool, if used, is included.

Outcome Evaluation: Using evaluation method chosen, evidence of learning is provided; Each learning outcome is revisited and analyzed as successfully met or not met

Process Evaluation: Utilizing participant feedback, healthcare team feedback, and self-evaluation, presenter(s) discuss(es) what went well and what would have been done differently in the future to improve the teaching activity; Reasons for unmet outcomes stated; Recommendations for future teaching on topic and/or for target group discussed

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