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Roman Polanski is a well-known Hollywood producers with Polish and French origins. He created many great movies such as “ The Pianists”, which won three Academy Awards in three categories. The movie is about Wladyslaw Szpilman, Polish-Jewish pianist, who survived II World War in Warsaw. This film is closely related with a childhood of director and times of occupation. Polanski had to learn how to survive during II World War and what to do to do not be recognized as a Jewish child. He tends to make movies, which are depiction of situations from his life. Another great example of the movie based on his life is “Chinatown”. The film shows how corruption of high-ranked members of government may change people life or even kill them. In “Chinatown” we can easily spot some connotations related with director life. Homicide of Polanski`s pregnant wife and her friends and helplessness of police officers in finding delinquents contributes to showing authorities is shadow. Majority of his movies contain kind of mysteries and unexpected situations leading to dead.

“The Pianist” is a movie depicting how Jews were treated by Nazi. Firstly, the main character tried to lead normal life and play piano for living. Later on, he was forced to subordinate his life to imposed rules such as living in the Ghetto or wearing armband with Jewish symbol. He found some understanding among his old friends and Nazi officer, who was bringing him food and helped him to survive. The sorrowful scenes are connected with Szpilman`s craftmanship as a pianist. This is an example how even talented people from Jewish nation became a victims of one the biggest genocides in the history.

I chose this clip because it is emphasizes how horrible war was. It is showing how sensitive was the artist and how he had to cope with endless separation from his family, mutilated bodies Warsaw`s inhabitants, destroyed buildings, and brutalism of German soldiers wrongly believing in the greatness of Nazi ideology. This short clip depicts how, thanks to connections and some well-known acquaintances, pianists and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman left the “line of dead” where people were convicted to inevitable dead. The last shots showing death bodies of kids are an apogee of savagery of Nazi followers. The clip is a prove how strong was a Nazi ideology and how many innocent people had to die in order to fulfill sick Hitler`s idea.


The ending of Deadman 1995

The end of the Deadman is forcefully closed. At the end of the film, and when nobody sends William Blake with kayak, he tells him that you go where the spirits are, and that remembers us the first part of the film, when the train guy told him that ” You remember in the kayak while look at the sky “, which somehow spins this round and forth. At the end of the movie, when he goes on a regular trip, he sees that Cole Wilson is one of three hired killers (Cole killed two other killers in the middle of the movie). In some ways, the end of the film is similar to the end of the French New Wave films, in which the characters of the film die without any justification. Here is Jarmusch another misconduct of Western classical films, in which the deaths of the characters are with a certain reputation and glory, but here, in the most absurd and ridiculous way, the two characters kill each other, and the death of the two makes the movie, as it began with Blake, It would end with him too.

Blake returns to the end of the film, and as if the dead man turns around and falls into the darkness that reminds William Blake’s poem that is repeated in several parts of the film: “some are born in a delightful joy, and some go to the heart. Endless darkness is born and fall in it.”


Spike Lee is a before his time director. He uses techniques in his films that sets him apart from other directors. other directors uses these shots but not as much as Spike Lee. His most famous camera techniques include the dolly shot where it seems like a character is floating or moving faster than the background and the single shot where a character is talking directly to the camera.

Spike Lee’s films contain mostly one theme, black stories. His stories calls for a wake up call to say the least. these are meant for people to listen to the message because it is more than just entertainment these are real issues that need to be handled. He tackles major political and social issues that cause controversy. most of his films are set in his home city of Brooklyn New York also. He also tells the perspective of those other than that of a black man, like in his first film She’s Gotta Have it and the perspectives of those in other races like in the film Do the Right thing. The clip added above shows who Spike Lee is as a director when it comes to his work. It shows the main themes and different techniques he uses that sets him apart from others.

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