leadership case study 7

Please read the Servant Leadership case and then address the Case Study Questions below. Please use APA format as shown in the APA Template provided.

Your Case Study Paper should provide a cohesive narrative fully addressing the questions and recapping the relevant data, problems/causes and outcomes from the article. You should include citations to the source article, as well as to the textbook where appropriate, throughout your paper and in a References page on the last page of your paper. In-text citations should be in the format (Vanderpyl, 2012) or (Vanderpyl, 2012,, p. X) when you have a quote in the sentence for which you are providing the citation. Citations for the textbook are (Daft, 2018) or (Daft, 2018, p. XXX). Be sure to include both sources in a Reference page on the last page of your paper. You do not need to identify and include any additional references beyond the source article and the textbook for this Case Study paper.

Please use APA format for this case study as outlined in the APA Format Template provided. Also you should aim for a 1,000 word minimum for Case Study assignments, which are more comprehensive than the Leadership Reflection Questions (750 words).

1.Provide an in-depth summary of the case background. This information should be addressed in a chronological and narrative format.

a.Identify the problems and underlying causes. Be sure to include relevant dates in chronological order of their occurrence.

b.Identify the stakeholders involved in this case (e.g., nurses union, media, clients, etc.).

c.How did Cowan’s predecessor lead and manage the organization? What were the outcomes of the predecessor’s leadership?

2.The ”initial progress” section describes Cowan’s actions as cleaning up the past while refocusing on the future (vision). Review this section of the article and address the following.

a.Why is servant leadership so difficult in practice?

b.Discuss the leadership traits and the communication tactics utilized by Cowan (refer to chapter 9) to motivate, collaborate, and innovate. Be sure to provide citations to the textbook when you use concepts from it in your discussion.

3.Explain two of Cowan’s four strategies for implementing change and critique Cowan’s methods for those two strategies (process, relationship tactics, character, etc.). The four strategies are:

a.Get in their face

b.Offer to serve, rather than be served

c.Weed the garden

d.Give the credit away

4.Discuss the relational and financial implications and outcomes of Cowan’s servant leadership to this healthcare institution, its employees, and other stakeholders (e.g., unions).

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